🤑Everus Wallet | Psigen A.I Trading Bot That Generates BTC, Review!😱

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
Everus Is a cryptocurrency software wallet which allows you to store many cryptocurrency via your mobile, Everus has their own Token called "EVR" which is a security token due the usage of EVR Token.
Which is used to power Psigen the A.I Trading Bot.
You can start as low as $10 worth of EVR to generate you passive income in Bitcoin (BTC) Daily into your Everus Wallet!
Psigen basically trades across multiple exchanges to buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low to generate you passive income. Which is called Arbitraging.

Psigen comes with the price of $0 in fees, basically you will only need EVR tokens to get started with Psigen A.I Trading bot.
EVR is a security token that is why you wouldn't see it in many / major exchanges.

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ReferralCode "JIA7762T" Please enter it once your account is set up, you will be prompted. Thank you! Please Do Your Own Due Diligence

Everus Wallet ► https://everus.org/
Psigen A.I Bot ► https://psigen.io/
Everus Q&A ► https://everus.gitbook.io/faq/

Overall Ratings🌟🌟🌟/ 5🌟
👉Wallet Interface | 4/5
[Due to ETH address and EVR address it is totally different so do not make mistake by sending EVR / ETH into the wrong address]
👉User Friendliness | 4/5
[There are secure key which complicates the setting up progress, yes it is somewhat secure but over complicate things, good thing is you can switch it to fingerprint / facial to autofill the secure key]
👉Security | 3/5
[Not your keys, not your funds, Funds stored on Everus is fully dependent on their own cyber security team.]

Disclaimer: I was approached to make this video and Psigen looks really promising for a passive income stream, that my channel is for, Everus was kind enough to give me $50 USD worth of EVR to get started to make this review and up coming updates on the progression so you, my viewers could decide on your own if you like to purchase some EVR and try out the platform. My review is none bias, They sponsored me $50 to start and show you guys how it works in exchange for a review and update
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