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This video is talking about Cyberian Mine, talking about the electricity cost of 0.06 Euro and stuff like how does the whole ecosystem work. It is a good way to build a passive income stream via mining. It gives you an entry to the cryptocurrency space, instead of buying BTC you can buy a miner and it generates you monthly income in BTC or other coins, depending on the machine you buy!

I forgot to mention the Hotswap thing you see when you are purchasing a miner, basically a Hotswap is an insurance for you, Let's say if the miner you bought was not hashing properly / broke down, during the period they will send the miner to repair, if you opt in for the hotswap option you will minimize the down time, they will get a backup miner to plug in and be ready to mine so you will have almost 0% downtime and make profit every single minutes!

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Cyberian Mine Telegram - https://t.me/Cyberianmine

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