The sensation of espresso plus roomie at D'Royal


In the middle of Acehnese society, coffee shops are multi-functional places. Not just for a mere hangout location, but the coffee shop is also a business center, a place for transactions, a place to make commitments and even a place to lobby for projects.


Not infrequently I also see in coffee shops entrepreneurs sign contracts, collect payments and so forth. Because it is not surprising that coffee shops continue to grow in every corner of the city in Aceh. Because people in this area need a place for their various activities every day.

In Lhokseumawe, Aceh, coffee shops also grow like mushrooms in the rainy season. But of the many coffee shops there, D'Royal, is one of my favorite places. This coffee shop has many advantages compared to several others.

One of the advantages of this coffee shop is that it is close to the mosque. When the call to prayer is echoed, we can still pray in congregation at the Baiturrahman mosque, one of the major mosques in the city.

Coffee roomie.

About the menu, at D'Royal coffee shop is also not inferior to the new coffee shops that have sprung up lately. One of my favorite drinks in this shop is espresso plus juice of juice. A mixture of espresso coffee with roomie juice produces a sensation that is extraordinary.


In Lhokseumawe, not many coffee shops offer menus like this. You could say espresso plus roomie water is still a menu that is rarely found, even though there are already some who sell it.

Strategic location

Its location on the protocol road increasingly makes this place loved by many circles. Very easy to find. Lhokseumawe is indeed not a big city, but compared to a number of other cities in Aceh, Lhokseumawe is the second most populous and largest city after the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.

Therefore the traffic in Lhokseumawe at certain hours is also quite heavy. Quite often we also find it difficult to find a vehicle parking when trying to choose a crowded coffee shop and become a favorite place in this city.


For those of you who are in Lhokseumawe City, Aceh, this place is highly recommended for you to enjoy free time with friends.

Restaurant Information

D'Royal Coffee Reborn
Jl. Merdeka, Lancang Garam, Banda Sakti, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia

The sensation of espresso plus roomie at D'Royal
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