Leo and the 4 Zodiacs, Are They Tired?


Elite Daily page with the help of Elaine Dawn's book titled Love Signs: Your Perfect Match is in the Stars, here are five zodiacs that tend to be bored in the relationship and the reasons behind it.

1. Leo

In accordance with its symbol, the lion, Leo is always about courage and praise. As Dawn said in his book, Leo is the type of person who is dynamic, likes to be attention or spotlight, and full of passion. Therefore, Leo tends to look for a partner who tends to like to praise them. "If you don't like being in the spotlight for being a partner, or at least you don't try to understand it, you could say 100 percent of Leo will ignore your relationship," said Dawn.

If you still want to be with Leo, maybe you need a lot of patience in helping them find healthy solutions to their negative side. Leo tends to foster platonic and romantic relationships that are inspired by artistic things. Therefore, you can try to get Leo out on a painting class or bring him karaoke.

2. Scorpio

In contrast to Leo who likes to act full of drama in his relationship, Scorpio tends to get bored quickly if the lover cannot position himself wisely. "Evolution is very important for Scorpio, which uses metamorphosis - moving between different types of philosophy, aesthetics, and artistic desires - as a tool for emotional and psychological expansion," wrote Dawn. For Scorpio, the wheel of life continues to spin so he needs someone who can adapt quickly.

To maintain a relationship with Scorpio, the only thing you can do is continue to face the challenges that come into your relationship. In addition, you can also start experimenting by presenting something new to your relationship, which of course must be intellectually or emotionally attractive.

"You have to quickly adapt to them. If you make it through the Scorpio consideration process, then be prepared to develop a soul connection," said Dawn.

3. Aquarius

Aquarius is described as a type of rebel and eccentric but still virtuous by Dawn. No wonder Aquarius was dubbed the zodiac revolutionary. They have unusual ways of dealing with this world. "They tend to look for a partner who has a vision for the future and has big dreams about the community," wrote Dawn.

To maintain relations with Aquarius, you need to participate in the passion that Aquarius has, for example by exchanging fresh ideas or bringing them to the panel discussion on politics. You can also invite them to read your favorite school essays that discuss social issues.

4. Gemini

Gemini described Dawn as the busiest and most interesting zodiac. They also like to make friends with anyone, anytime and anywhere. According to Dawn, it was all thanks to their charm. Unfortunately, Gemini tends to get bored easily with relationships because they continue to weigh all their choices. When they feel it is not suitable, they will say it.


"There is nothing Gemini hates besides boredom, which is why the heavenly twin is so busy all the time," Dawn explained. To get rid of Gemini's boredom, you can take advantage of their friendly side. Take Gemini on a trip to her favorite places so she feels loved. You can also throw a surprise house party to celebrate Gemini's latest achievements. That way, besides feeling loved and being the center of your attention, Gemini will also be socially stimulated which is her favorite thing.

5. Sagittarius

If there is a zodiac that tends to be anti-authoritarian and loose on rules, it is Sagittarius. The zodiac, symbolized by this bow, has a deep interest in exploring and traveling. "As an astrological archer, Sagittarius wants mental, philosophical and spiritual expansion," Dawn explained.

For Sagittarius, going on a journey can help him get rid of fatigue, both fatigue in carrying out daily activities or fatigue in a relationship. Therefore, Sagittarius also likes to travel without informing his partner. If you are dating a Sagittarius, you need to plan a vacation or staycation to entertain Sagittarius. "They will surely be happy because they can spend time with you," Dawn wrote.

Don't forget to invite Sagittarius to visit places that can stimulate their adrenaline. "Because Sagittarius likes to show off their brave side, you can invite Sagittarius to play bungee jumping or surfing," said Dawn. You can also invite Sagittarius to learn about something and then proceed with tasting various delicious foods.

*#### I'm also a starred Leo. Although there are many that are appropriate, but not all of them. The proof is I have been married for more than 21 years and still fine.

In other fields, not the relationship with a partner, Leo does tend to be boring. Easy switching options.

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