KBBI Daring - The official online Indonesian dictionary

KBBI Daring

The official online Indonesian dictionary


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Hunter's comment

For me this online dictionary is very important and very useful in everyday life. Through this dictionary I can find out the meaning of a new word or know the word writing correctly.

During this time I also often use this online dictionary when teaching on campus. To show students related words that are often spoken but are wrong in their writing




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situs websitenya harus dalam bahasa inggris pak dosen

25.08.2019 15:14

kalau situsnya kamus bahasa Indonesia, cem mana bang?

25.08.2019 15:17

iya betul pak guru. kalau KBBI kan memang bahasa Indonesia. yg penting deskripsinya dalam bahasa Inggris. boleh ya? sama kawan boleh lah ya. hehe

25.08.2019 15:19
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25.08.2019 15:34