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Hello steemitians hope you are all having a great day. Today was one relaxing day for me and I really wanted to relax as i have been studying continuously for 2, 3 weeks and mind just got saturated and i was really frustrated of my routine.
So today I woke up at 6 and offered prayer. Today our plan is all about the village so after offering the namaz we go for our village. Firstly when I am entering into my village aisa a very beautiful mosque here . So so I click a picture here that I am also sharing with you all of you friends.
After some time we reached our relatives house. We met each other and some time with each other and that's very valuable period for me. Because we meet after a long time with each other so I am very happy and feel blessed to meet my family.


I saw very beautiful thing here that is when children playing with animals that look so beautiful they all guys look so excited and this happiness I can't explain in term of words so I click the picture that are shown below :

This is the winter starting time. And in this season wheat crop ripens. Dukh wheat crop was kept in the sun to dry. Sofia hair and it looks so beautiful.
This is the time reached when the full day is spent here so we are so tired here we decided to go back the home but this is the time is very valuable I remember it a lot hope you enjoy thank you for giving me your precious time remember me in your prayers thank you.


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