ICC New Ranking T20

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Ajj Icc na new t20 ranking ka ilhan kardya hai jaisey maine pakistan 1st postion mane hai aur Austrailia 1 poin kum kye saath 2 number phire hai pakistan kye 270 point hai aur Australia kye point 269 kye saath 2 number phire hai.aur bastman maine humere babar azam kye postion achi hai woh 1st number phire hai. bowlink maine humere pakistan kye imad azam hai 4 number maine Rashid khan first number phire hai.


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Hi @zainab.fatima. I see that you have been staying pretty active here on Steem. That's awesome! I’m just checking up on everyone who is followed by the Steem Terminal support group and wanted to let you know that if you ever have any questions or need any help, myself and the rest of the team at the Terminal are here for you!

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