Handy Weight Loss Tracker - Tired of huge apps with tens of useless functions

Handy Weight Loss Tracker

Tired of huge apps with tens of useless functions


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Handy Weight Loss Tracker Fitness app.do daily excersize and track your fitness on the go app where you can check how much calories you have lost today and calculate your health and also you can choose healthy diet plan which will help you for weight loss.




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Do you know that some people unintentionally abuse some times of food whereby feeding on junks?
Here is how to avoid that.
Thanks for sharing this hunt

20.02.2020 13:24

I love this app! Best part is you can add comments to your weights. This is super helpful. The layout is nice and you can change colors.

20.02.2020 14:00

Simple to use, intuitive interface, does everything I would expect of a weight tracker and in the way I would expect it. Tap on an entry on the chart for detail, pinch to expand or contract, all good.

20.02.2020 14:02

Very clean and simple.Great way to keep track of ups and downs. you can even customize macros & the scan option is better than my fitness pal.

20.02.2020 14:03

I really like this app. You can track your weight and see it in a graph or chart format.

20.02.2020 14:07


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