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Assalam.o.Alaikum dear stemians.Hope so you are fine with the blessing of God.I am so happy and lucky because my second achievement had been verified.Now i want to clear my next task.
My next task is about content plagiarism.First i wanna tell you about plagiarism.
Plagiarism is the practise of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.Plagiarism is prohibited generally because it is an infringement on the intellectual property of other people's work which can have dire consequences like lawsuits.


Types of plagiarism;
There are following many types of plagiarism.
Direct plagiarism;
This is a type of plagiarism which occurs when an author copies the content of different articles from different authors word to word with out any addition of quotation marks or source.This is occur when a person uses another persons work with exact words and it is assumed that the one that copied own its.


Accidental plagiariam;
This is the mistake use of someone's work during research, most times it is unavoidable because it is difficult to avoid.The accidental plagiarism means when a person mistakenly copy someone's else work in the process of making her research this kind of plagiarism is difficult to avoid.

Mosaic plagiarism;
This is the use of borrowed or copied words without seeking right permission from the owner.The mosaic plagiarism simple means when a person borrows or copy words from a source without seeking permission from the owner.
Complete plagiarism;
Compete plagiarism can be seen as the moat criminal or severe form of plagiarism whereby the content of the initial writter is submitted with the name of another.


How to avoid Plagiariam;
1- keep record of the sources you uses in your research.
2- Credit the original author in an in text citation and refrence lists.
3-Use a plagiarism checker before you submit.

I have read and understood the ateemit etiquette on steemit community and will do my best to embrace them.

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