Tiny mural in my room


Hello my fellow steemians lovers of art!

Today I bring you something special, that just came out of my bedroom! I have been wanted to show this for a long time ago. It's a mural I made the last year and the experience that I had making it. It's not a big production but it's enough to feel the amazing sensation of drawing in the walls!! Of letting your creativity and colors give life to a death place. I'm sure you have to remember when a while ago you were a child and felt awful when mom came home and saw you making your art in the wall and she started to scold you for being bad hahaha, well my mom didn't scold me but, she gave me a notebook to draw and told me very seriously that I only had permitted draw in that notebook. Sure I was a good kid and just drew there since that but, I still felt a little itchy to make my art in a wall again ๐Ÿ˜‚.

And the day came, a lot later... One day I was in my room, and I felt that I wanted to make more mine my room, It had the same color in the walls for so a long time, and nothing ever change, or at least nothing more than the furniture of my room. So, I grab my sketchbook and searched for a collection of drawings of a concept that I had (another day I'll talk about them) they were the jinxies, for me they were creatures that show above your head when you have a good idea, they symbolize good ideas and thoughts. I picked one, and I said, well this is a good idea, let's paint this on the wall. And wow! that was one of the most fun experiences that I had. I started drawing with a pencil in the wall next to my window my jinxie, and drew with a pretty caligraphy an inspirational quote that I love " If you don't have wings, create them".

To show you that nothing has to stop you from doing art whenever you want, you to have to know this: I didn't have mural painting, but that didn't stop me, (from what I'm going to say maybe someone will kill me ad other ones will say it was pretty clever ๐Ÿ˜‚ I don't know but...) I grab my set of oil paintings and mixed it with a diluent then I put the painting in a light table and started to make strokes in the wall. That sensation is AWESOME, I really say it, painting in the wall is fun, maybe because it was a prohibition when I was a child but, it felt refreshing, fun, I even felt more creative than ever! It's liberating. I painted all day, and my painting shirt was even more full of painting ๐Ÿ˜‚.

At the end of that day I was so incredibly happy, and the next morning I was so proud, because I made that, because now my creativity shows in my room, and I felt that experience changed the way I draw and make my art. And it inspires me every day in the morning when I ready for another day. If you could ever crazily do art, do it, because it changes something, or make it better, or maybe it does nothing but is fun, but do it because it can be an incredible experience, and spill your heart out in art, it's really beautiful.

Thank you for reading my story about this art attack that I had and I hope you have an artsy day!

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kisses xoxox

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Dear Zaida, it is a nice mural, I also enjoyed the reading about your experience to do it. It's really great that this inspires you every day.

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