Bee & Puppycat Fanart!!! The dream of Bee!

Hey my Fellow Steemians lovers of art

4 - Edited.jpg

I'm back again, and here I am to show you one of my recent drawings. I had finished the miniseries Bee & Puppycat a while ago, and I just fell in love with it! It's a really awesome work of independent animation of the fredator studios, and it's a little bit more directed for a bigger and more adult public. It shows very mature topics and normal challenges of the normal life of an adult person but mixed with magical adventures in a really beautiful set. If you haven't seen it, I truly recommend you to see it. I have to say that I love the color palette from the whole series, it's so relaxing. And that is what brought me here. The drawings of this series are so pretty that I had to make some fanart of it.

The main character of the series is Bee this cute young woman, I love her character, is so fun.


I decided to make her with her outfit of the dream she has in the first episode. I find really fun when I can make a character with a different color palette, with purple hair, and her dress in bright blue!

Here I show you my step by step
-This artwork was made only with colored pencils

Step 1: I made the drawing with a graphite pencil


Step 2: I outlined all the drawing with a light brown and painted her dress with two tones of blue. I also painted the floating water drops.

step 2.jpg

Step 3: I painted all the purples of the drawing, her hair in two tones and her shoes.

IMG_20190508_235026 (1).jpg

Step 4: I painted her skin! This specifically, brings the drawing to life, Also I made the details of her face.

IMG_20190509_000201 (1).jpg

And the step 5 is what you can see in the first image of this post, I painted the background in a dark blue tone and it was all!

I usually try to draw just my own stuff, but sometimes is really fun and relaxing to do some fanart! And I feel really good drawing my favorites characters. Yeah, you found an undercover fan of cartoons and animation arts xD

Thank you for your attention and read my post, I hope you enjoyed seeing the process of my art, and thank you for your support.

Please Upvote if you liked, Comment what you thought, Resteem, Donate or Delegate to support my artwork!🎨 Thank you!



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Tienes talento 😊👍✍️🎨

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10.07.2019 11:02

Cool!) Does it take you a lot of time to work with pencils?

10.07.2019 19:36

Well, it depends of the drawing, the most complex drawing I ever made with pencils took me about a week.
But this one actually just took me day and a half. :3

12.07.2019 12:32

Excellent. Would love to see more cartoon art. Do you do cartoon strips?

11.07.2019 01:33

Actually I don't do cartoon strips right now, but I want to do it, I'm looking for new ideas for it. Thank you for your kind words

12.07.2019 12:27

Hey @zaidagrilli! Great work on the cartoon picture here! I wish I could draw but I make an awesome stick man 😁

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11.07.2019 06:59

Hahaha, I'm sure your stick men are the best xD

12.07.2019 13:16

They are nothing short of works of art haha!

12.07.2019 13:17

Hahahaha they sure are xD actually once I saw a video of an artist who made the most realistic and detailed stick man!! Really xD it was awesomely ironical hahaha and really artistic xD

12.07.2019 14:26

Hahaha you'll have to link me up to that video! Sounds hilarious!

12.07.2019 16:58

you have to see it xD it is hilarious xD

12.07.2019 21:44

Oh my God! Hold my beer... Because I don't drink and will never compete with that stick man so will have a water instead 👀

12.07.2019 22:55

hahahahaha I'm sure yours are awesome too xD I'll have water too cuz even I would never compete with that stickman either xD

12.07.2019 23:13

Haha we can drink our water together and watch others draw stick men in that case 😂

13.07.2019 07:20

Love the drawing. Made me interested in the animation. Hints of Japanese animation there but surprised it is American.

11.07.2019 11:07

Thank you, the animation world it's so cool, I'm always actualized with the new cartoons that come out, you should see this one, Bee and puppycat isn't a. Children cartoon , as an adult you can enjoy it a lot

12.07.2019 12:30

Well done!! I can't draw at all so I am always in awe if someone is good at it :)

I am visiting from the powerhousecreatives group. found your post in discord. I just wanted to let you know that when you leave a Partiko link, I can't comment or upvote. I had to find you on Steemit to be able to leave this comment. Some might not go through the trouble...

11.07.2019 15:05

Thank you so much for saying this, I didn't know about it so thank you for telling me this, I'll post only steemit links from now on. Ams thank you for your kind words about my art

12.07.2019 12:25

You are a very good artist, I'm impressed. A couple years after I left art college I had suitcases of art, but one day I felt that I'd had enough so binned the lot. I guess the only footprint I will leave behind me after I go is my writing...

12.07.2019 15:34

You were in art college? Wow , I'm sure your art was very good, as your writing is Amazing. I would love seeing your art. Thank your words :3 I'm happy I got you impressed

12.07.2019 16:00

Ha! I have two left hands and two right hands (Ambidextrous) and so I cannot draw to save my life.
You on the other hand have done some excellent work here my friend!
Sorry for the late reply, as I was away for 2 days!

12.07.2019 18:10

Lovely work! You are very talented!

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13.07.2019 13:32

Cute! I love fan art... it is such an homage to the original creator that others are willing to emulate the characters!

13.07.2019 20:12

Kinda reminds of me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai

15.07.2019 01:02

Wow! Very impressive! Bee is a cute character, and you are a brilliant artist!

27.07.2019 06:21