Why altcoins price not going up?

Why altcoins are not moving up ,what are the reasons behind altcoins price decline
Is it possible to make profits from investing in altcoins right now

Many top cryptocurrencies are not profitable because there price and trading volume is going down day by day as compared to bitcoin

What you think game of altcoins are over ? Is there is any chance of price recovery?

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My friend always says there is no useless coin, so an altcoin with a great team can always get better.

05.09.2019 22:15

What you think top altcoins are not have great team? Why price and trade volume is going down day by day
I think right now its it's not profitable to invest or trade altcoins

05.09.2019 22:23

Downvoted for disagreement on rewards.

06.09.2019 04:57