Steem blockchain is better than bitcoin and ethereum

Steem blockchain is better than bitcoin and ethereum

I think steem blockchain is better than bitcoin and ethereum, #bitcoin and #ethereum more popular than #steem right now according to bitcoin is number one and ethereum is number two cryptocurrency by trading volume and market capitalization but things can change anytime time in future because almost every one knows about bitcoin and ethereum but steem is not known as bitcoin and ethereum many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors still not understand steem blockchain and not using it right now but when everyone using steem blockchain as they used bitcoin and ethereum steem blockchain will become number one all we need to market steem blockchain and its strong potential to others

Following are some main factors and points that's why I think steem is better and superior than bitcoin and ethereum

  1. Rewards

Every one can get rewards by posting valuable and original content on steem based Dapps like #steemit and #Dtube and also get rewards by upvoting others posts and commenting on others posts,on the other hand you can not get rewards by using bitcoin and ethereum blockchain platform

  1. Transaction speed

Steem blockchain transactions speed is better than bitcoin and ethereum anyone can transfer steem cryptocurrency from cryptocurrencies exchanges and other steem blockchain users in few seconds but you can wait for many minutes to transfer you cryptocurrency on ethereum and bitcoin blockchain due to #mining difficulty

3.Dpps development

You can develop dapps on steem blockchain with few simple tools and steps as compare to bitcoin and ethereum they used smart contract due to this simple users can not understand how to develop dapps on bitcoin and ethereum blockchain platform ,you can not develop dapps on bitcoin blockchain because it's not compatible with smart contracts

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