Don't spraad fake news Verify your sources read & re-read before you hit share button!‬

Almost everyone using social media these days there are 2.3 billion users on top social media platform Facebook and 1.9 billion users using YouTube worlds top video sharing app, almost 1.5 billion users using top messaging app WhatsApp from these statistics you can imagine how much social media used nodays,news information spread in seconds from one part of world to others
Some social media platforms like YouTube offer users to monetize there content to make money so as you grow get more followers and like on you content you can make more money due to this everyone wants to become famous
Some time social media users spread false information and unathanitic fake news or information to get more likes

Please be aware of what you’re spreading and sharing. Today, people on social media and main streem media thrive on fake news, half truths & gossip no one even try to verify the source of content.Don’t be part of this bad culture. Verify your sources before saharing or posing any information or content on social media; read & re-read and verify before you hit that share button!‬

Only share authentic and content with verified with original source if its helpful or beneficial for other users if someone creating harmful or fake content report it social media platform and not share it with your followers because when you share its become viral content and after this nobody think its useful or harmful for other users

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