When We Exercise Excessively Can Make a Women's Body Fatter

Good morning before lunch for everyone in Indonesia in particular, and throughout the world in general, so on this occasion I want to try to share with you all about sports, especially for women, because we as women also need sports, so we always physically and mentally healthy, with our exercise we will always maintain our stamina. This is important for us as women, not just being a housewife, but we are trying to take the time to exercise. So this morning I will explain a little about If We Excessive Sports Can cause a woman's body Fatter.


If we want a healthy lifestyle that is increasingly popular today, making a number of women in general infatuated through body work, such as jogging, aerobics, yoga, zumba, and so forth. At this time also makes the presence of a modern fitness center increasingly flourishing, especially in our region in the city.

It is true, exercise is one of the conditions for us as women who are undergoing weight loss programs. However, according to the lifestyle website, Boldsky, forcing the body to exercise every day, it can cause a total slimming program to fail. Actually, what are the factors that make the target diet run stagnant?

The following description. Sleep deprivation, Gallup once conducted a poll stating that 40 percent of people experience sleep deprivation. Recommended sleep time for eight hours, in practice many people only fall asleep for less than seven hours every day. Sleep deprivation often keeps the eyes, the hormone cortisol, and blood sugar from resting at maximum levels.

In addition, it can trigger insulin levels rise, making you hungry at midnight. Finally, there is insulin resistance which makes the body store more fat. Excessive exercise A number of women who aspire to lose weight in a short time, tend to choose to increase the portion of exercise. This makes the body super tired and causes hunger to whack.

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