Fast Walking Is One Sport That Is Recommended For Women

Good Afternoon everyone in Indonesia in particular, and those in the whole world in general, so this morning I want to share with all social sportstalk users and all who have joined here, and want to write a little about Fast Walking Is One Sport That Is Recommended For Women this is especially for women, but for men it can.


Sports at home suitable for other women to do is to walk fast. Running fast is a simple exercise but has the same benefits as running. You don't need to go out of the house to do this brisk walking exercise. Just surround your yard or one of the rooms in your house to do sprinting. You only need to do sprinting by walking around Pekarang in a short amount of time, but not running. If you diligently do it every day, then there will be many calories that can be burned to the maximum. Don't forget to do it regularly and get your healthy body back.
Exercise can provide a variety of benefits for the human body, especially in maintaining fitness and health. That's why, people should be able to start exercising regularly and regularly from now on. Well, there is one sport that is very easy to do and does not require a large fee, namely walking. Many people who do not know, the habit of walking fast can actually provide benefits to extend one's life.
This is evident in a study published by the Mayo Clinic Proceeding, in which the study monitored walking habits and the deaths of nearly 475 thousand people, most of them in their 50s, as posted on the website. All participants reported that they walked in the slow, stable or average, and fast category. As a result, participants with rare brisk walking turned out to have a longer life expectancy in all BMI categories (body mass index).

"These results have shown that physical function is a stronger determinant of longevity than body mass index. People with a higher body mass index but with good fitness can last longer, "explained the study leader who is also a clinical epidemiologist at the University of Leicester in England, Dr. Francesco Zaccardi. Conversely, participants with slower walking steps had shorter life expectancies in all BMI categories.
The researchers report in more detail, that the life span of a woman who likes to walk fast is 87 years. Whereas women who walk slowly on average only 72 years. While in men, those who like to walk faster have an age range of around 86 years, while those who like to walk slowly around 65 years. "If you walk faster, you're the same as doing very low intensity cardio. And if it is done regularly, it will be able to strengthen the heart, "said a certified nutritionist, Jamie Hickey also explained.

In addition, there are still many benefits from brisk walking activities. As quoted from the page, brisk walking can help improve mood, reduce the risk of dementia, prevent and control diabetes, prevent osteoarthritis, to reduce the risk of cancer. That's why people with proficiency must start getting used to walking fast!

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