Bakso Matthai from Indonesian



Matthai meatball from Indonesia
Good evening everyone, tonight I want to tell you a little about the taste of Indonesian gatok meatballs which have a distinctive Indonesian taste. This meatball is a native chicken meatball which is processed with a variety of selected spices combined into one typical Indonesian taste, namely tasty, crunchy and spicy.

The price of this meatball is expensive because just one bowl costs Rp. 20,000. maybe because the chicken that is processed chicken and the spices are also selected spices that are still fresh. After eating these meatballs, maybe we will be addicted and want to always visit again to this place to sell meatballs gatok.

I just ate this meatball last night and want to visit again to the place where the gatok meatball is sold, it has become my regular customer, namely at matthai meatball gatok located in blangjrun village (Indonesia). Come on, stop by for those who are close to the location and those who are far away, let's get close, let's try the enjoyment of the matthai gatok meatball. Guaranteed delicious and addictive again. Best regards, steemitfood @zahrialzah

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