Utter Pradesh team ready for ODI trophy


Today I'm going to Discuss about Utter Pradesh domestic cricket team is ready for ODI trophy, let's know in more details.

Indian ODI domestic cricket trunament Vijay Hajare trophy has started from 24 September. Now I'm going to discuss about Utter Pradesh team. Utter Pradesh team is very strong according to the other team. Some players were part of IPL. Samarath Singh selected for captain of Utter Pradesh. He was also captain of Indian Under-23 team. A sad news is that for Suresh Raina's fans, Raina is not part of this tournament due to his injured. Askdip Nath, Rinku Singh, Abhishek, Shivam and Ankit are experience player from IPL. Utter Pradesh team did well in past previous matches.

Selected players of Utter Pradesh team-

Samart Singh (c) , Abhishek, Rinku, Hardeep, Rajput, Moshin, Shoruv, Almas, Askdeep, Umang, Upend(w), Shivam, Mohit, Shanu, Mukesh


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