Roman accepted the challenge of Buddy Murphy {My abuse appeal post}


WWE announced for a big match, in this match Buddy Murphy will fight against Roman Reigns. Actually, Buddy Murphy is a new player in the smackdown. A few days ago Buddy Murphy had fights first live match against Roman Reigns. in this match, Roman had beaten the Buddy Murphy badly.

In the meantime, Buddy Murphy expressed his displeasure on Twitter and he also challenged Roman. He said that Roman has attacked me in a small match, when will there be such a big match with Roman, in which I can show what I can do to Roman and will wait for a big match with Roman.

In response, Roman accepted Buddy challenge. This big match will happen today. WWE announced for this big match. That's mean Buddy Murphy will fight against roman today. Live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. This competition is going to be very interesting. Now it will have to be seen whether Buddy Murphy can beat Roman in this dangerous match or Roman will beat the Buddy Murphy badly. Only the time will tell what will happen next. I am waiting for this big match.


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