PUBG mobile game updated new version {My abuse appeal post}


Hello guys. Today I will talk about the new version of PUBG game, there are lots of new tools weapons icon in the updated version. let's know in more details.

Indeed, PUBG released its new beta version 0.13.5. These updates released for both Android and iOS. It has updated features such as new tools for Season 8, which have been weapons. new skin, new interface, rewards system and much more. If you are PUBG player you already know that Every week a new season is updated. And there are new features each season update. There were some bugs in the previous season. Now, these bugs are fixed.


In Season 8 you will find new icons, new interface, ratings and much more. Messaging service has been improved in this. Notification service is also updated. In season 8 division promotions within a tier will not be shown in the lobby. In season 8 also updated some rules.

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