Pro Kabaddi: U Mumba reached in semi-final


Hello friends, today we talk about Pro Kabaddi which U Mumba team has reached the semifinals, let us know in more detail.

U Mumba's team, seen in tremendous form in Pro Kabaddi, defeated Haryana 46 -38 in the last match to advance to the semi-finals. The match was played at Ekka Arena K Trans Stadium in Ahmadabad, Abhishek Singh and Arjun Deshwal both performed well with Yu Mumba and both won their Super-10s. Haryana had started the first half of the season with a good start and was consistently on edge with Yu Mumba, Haryana's development looked quite in rhythm but Arjun returned the team from Mumba and reached the end, with Arjun in the second half. -Abhishek also appeared in rhythm, first Arjun completed his Super-10 with 15 Red Points and later Abhishek also completed his Super-10 with 14 Red Points. Haryana did not appear to be in any rhythm except for the development and gradually drifted away from the match and eventually, Haryana lost by 46 -38 points.

In this way, the Yu Mumba team match had reached the semifinal by winning from 46 -38 points. Remind you that in the semi-finals, the Yu Mumba team will face Bengal Warriors today.


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