Pakistani player unhappy with Amir's retirement {My abuse appeal post}


Hello friends, Today we will talk about Pakistan team, Why Pakistani players unhappy with Amir retirement. Let's know in more details

Recently, Pakistani cricketer Amir has retired from Test cricket, but some Pakistani players are unhappy with Amir for his retirement. Shoaib Akhtar expressed his displeasure at Amir's retirement. Shoaib Akhtar has said about Amir's retirement in own YouTube channel, In this time Pakistan team needed Amir and took retirement from retirement test cricket only for money. In this way, one after another will retire from all Test cricket. Pakistan's condition is bad in Test cricket, in such a way that Pakistan will end from the cricket. Amir has only retired from Test cricket for the T-20 match, he should not get a place in the T-20 game.

Pakistan expel Aamir from match-fixing case and included him in the national team. I didn't expect that suddenly amir will announce for retirement. Pakistan gave Aamir a chance again and Amir also did well comeback but suddenly retired from Test cricket. Who will play Test cricket? This is a big problem for Pakistan team. We know that there is more money in T-20 cricket compared to Test cricket. So what, will be left from Test cricket for money.


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please ignore it

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I think so. He should not do that.

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