Now in cricket, chip ball will be used {My abuse appeal post}


In this growing world of technology, we use the latest technology to make work easier. Technology is also supporting the game world a lot. A few years ago used such technology in the wicket, so today the umpire and TV umpire do not have any trouble giving out or not-out. So today friends are going to tell that the same technology will now be used on the cricket ball, in which the ball will give all its data.

Former Australian fast bowler Michael Kasprowicz made a ball that has a chip inside after the chip is set in the ball, the chip will not be damaged and will not come out. The sensor and chip are fitted in the chip inside the ball in such a way that it does not affect the weight, swing, bounce, etc. of the ball. When the bowler will ready position to release the ball, then this chip ball will give real-time data to the batsman and bowler, and TV umpires will also get the correct data. This chip ball will show 3 types of data, release point data, pre bounce data, post bounce data.

This ball will be used in the Big Bash T20 League. This ball will be thoroughly tested to see if the ball can deliver the data correctly. If the ball is successful in the Big Bash T20 league, it will be used in the international level as well.


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