Indian Team ready for West Indies tour


Today we talk about West Indies tour. There is some players got rests and some new players will play against West Indies. It's right decision of National team selector. New players should also get the chance. Now let's talk in detail.

After lost world cup semi-final. Indian cricket team preparing for West Indies Tour. Some players got rests and some new players will play against West Indies. Rishabh Pant is very fit for MS Dhoni place. Rishabh Pant wicket keepering is also doing well. Rishabh Pant is right for place MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni got rested. Hardik Pandia also got rested. Now we talk about Sekher Dhawan. National selector team also selected Sekher Dhawan. Sekher Dhawan was injured in the world cup, that's why he was out in world cup. now he's fit for play. About Virat Kohli, he will be a Captain of India. Suresh Ayer and Manish Pandey have returned for West Indies tour. We will show two new faces in the West Indies tour. Rahul Chahal and Noudip Sainy will play in West Indies tour. Both young players did well in IPL that's why both are selected for the West Indies tour.

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