Indian football player selected for Sweden Club {My abuse appeal post}


Hello guys, Today I'm going to talk about an Indian football player selected for Sweden cricket club. Let's discuss in more details.

An Indian footballer who joined the Swedish Football Club of Poilwa villages in Paran district of Nagaland. His age is only 23 years. Earlier, He was playing from Guwahati town club. Now he will be seen playing in the big stage. This is the first Indian football player to be selected in the European club.

Now Indian players will be seen playing in international football matches. Now he is in training for a month. After completing the training, will soon play in the 4th Division, After that, he will be seen playing in the big stage. We hope that he will give better performance in his career and will brighten the name of India.


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16.08.2019 04:15

hopefully he can bring the Swedish club
and I hope the Indies team will be successful with a new member and I hope that your country can bring beauty and always be successful and happy

16.08.2019 04:31