Hockey: India lost to Johor cup against Britain


Hello friends, today we talk about the Indian Junior Men's Hockey Team which has defeated the final match of the Johor Cup with Britain, let's know in detail.

You will know that friend hockey is the national sport of India and India again lost to Britain, in fact, the Indian team lost 1-2 with Britain in the final of the 9th season of Johor Cup. It was a dream to become India's champion. Last year also India lost the final match, in last season finals also India defeated Britain 2-3.
On Friday, between India and Britain, the match was drawn 3–3 in the last league match but India failed to become champion in the final.

Although India dominated the UK from the start of the match, India got a lot of opportunities but could not score a goal in a single occasion, India got a total of 7 penalty corners but only 1 out of 7 got success and 4. The penalty corner failed, with Gursahibjit Singh scoring a 1–0 lead in the seventh penalty corner in the 49th minute but Stuart Rashmere scored for the UK shortly after. He scored a goal and then at the end of the match Rashmere scored another victory goal and Britain became champions again. Thus, Britain became champions by defeating India 1-2 in the final.


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India hockey team is good team. And hope future is again in inda

21.10.2019 16:59