Femar Sting is next target of The Fiend {My abuse appeal post}


Hello friends, today I will discuss about WWE, Bre Wayt will fight against Sting, let's know in more details.

The friend is considered one of the WWE great fighters, both have beaten many players. According to a news report, the WWW replied to a tweet, said Famer Sting would be his next victim, this match would be very interesting when the two would face each other. Both of them have beaten the big players in their last match.WWE India also asked to fans, who will be next player that fight with against The Frend, Wyte replyed Famer Sting will be next victim. However, it is not yet confirmed whether it will be a match between the two.

A few days ago Bray Wyatt made his debut as The Fend, defeating Fin Beeler, then defeated Kart Angle in the next match and defeated many other players, this shows The Fend Famer Sting as well Can outperform, it will know in the match. The competition is going to be very interesting. I'm waiting for the match.


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