Bidhri can give Olympic medal to India


Former Olympic medal winner and star professional boxer Aamir Khan believes that the credit for preparing good boxers at the world goes to India's strong ambiance. Simply, Bronze medal winner Gaurav Bidhuri of Unhongey 2017 World Championship described the strong contender of the medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The 32-year-old Aamir, 32-year-old WBC International welterweight title during the Super Boxing League in Jeddah, believes in the past that there is the courage to make champions in India, who can walk on the life of Vijender Singh and MC Mary Kom. Aamir said Indian boxing is doing very well. I like this thing that they have a strong system that many countries do not have.

All boxers in India get the chance to play in international tournaments, their expenses are also paid and they are also paid as these boxers can not work due to meditation on the game. All countries should run on this system. This is the reason why they have Olympic medal winners like Vijender and Mariko, and this will bring many more boxers to the next generation.

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keep postin , good jod by postin about the olympic.

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