Proud mother gave birth to e-baby by buying sperm from the app !!


A mother wanted a second child without a male partner. This proud mother gave birth to an e-baby after ten months of pregnancy by learning all the processes by buying sperm online and watching YouTube.

The 33-year-old mother is Stephanie Taylor. When she found out that the cost of giving birth in a pregnancy center was very expensive, she gave up hope of becoming a mother of a second child. But then he found a baby app, from which sperm can be ordered.

Stephanie wanted the sperm of a family-oriented and physically healthy man. With that, Stephanie wanted the second child to look like her first child, Frankie. Stephanie got all this in the baby app. Then he bought the necessary things for the reproductive process from e-bay. You can also learn how to use them by watching YouTube tutorials.

Stephanie conceived on her first attempt and gave birth to her second child, Eden. Stephanie sees this child as such a miraculous achievement, again referring to her as a completely online child.

"If I hadn't had all the technology I needed, this baby wouldn't have come to earth," she said. I am very happy to finally be a mother again. And I'm really proud of the way my baby was born.

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