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A dog is a pet. It protects us. Many people keep dogs in their homes to protect their homes. Dogs have many breeds. Some people find dogs so cute that they let them sit next to them. I also love raising dogs. I also have a dog in my house. I named it Gourmet. This is a very cute name. Many people have different names for dogs. Every dog ​​has a different color and some dogs are the same from childhood and some have the same movements. I love dogs.

Friends, one thing in particular is that we should not be cruel to dogs. Because dogs can't speak, they are speechless. We must take care of them. We should also take care of their food and drink and we should keep the dog in our house to protect our house.

Dogs help us a lot. Dogs help us keep thieves and strangers out of our homes. This is good for us. Friends, I have also shown you a photo of my dog. Hope you all like it.

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