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GPM Carbon - Project Review

The project is part of the GPM Group, details of the company can be found at As part of the project, a professional team of like-minded people was assembled. During the collaboration, from research to prototyping, the team demonstrated determination, resourcefulness, and professionalism. At that moment, when we are as close as possible to the launch of the industrial application of technologies, we formed a friendly and effective team aimed at the result.
At present, the human impact on the environment has reached an unprecedented, truly unprecedented level. Given the global nature of the environmental problems that humanity is facing, we are fully aware of the degree of responsibility that our Company takes on, and in many respects, this is why we strictly comply with all our obligations.
GPM Planet is a young, dynamically developing company, the main priority of which is a trusting and transparent relationship with our partners. Using the latest technologies in our work, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and offer our customers innovative products. that will satisfy their growing demand. I will be truly glad if GPM Planet becomes a worthy partner for you for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.
The structure of the GPM Planet group of companies has sustainable revenue centers that allow for internal financing of projects from the research stage to the finished business model. In particular, for the Carbon project, since 2015, investments have been made in the development of patents, the purchase of land and the construction of industrial facilities. For the industrial implementation of our projects, we attract external investments that allow us to fully realize our business ideas. .Investment data provided by our analytical department. If you are interested in a partnership, we are open to a constructive dialogue and are ready to provide detailed information for analysis.


We are introducing some technologies designed to solve environmental safety problems. In its activities, our company takes into account the experience of leading companies, as well as the slightest changes in the market - all this together helps us to receive innovative inventions designed to serve humanity. Currently, our company has reached an agreement with industry leaders on the joint implementation of high-tech production projects.
The result of this work will be the launch of several enterprises based on technologies developed by our company. We are confident that continuous research, as well as innovative products based on its results, will allow us to adequately fulfill the task for the company - to market only high-quality and, most importantly, socially useful products.
The company continues to actively develop as part of its core business, constantly supporting research work in the field of ecology and, in particular, the production of activated carbon as an effective tool for solving environmental problems. The need to create commercial projects is dictated by the high demand for our products in the market.
Besides, the cost-effectiveness of our technology also allows us to organize production as part of our commercial projects. Our projects are distinguished by autonomy and financial independence, which allows us to ensure the constant profit of the parent company. This provides a stable development path for the entire group of companies and expands our opportunities for future development.
We are currently crowdfunding for the GPM Carbon project. As part of this process, both private investors and venture and investment funds can invest their money. We are sure that we conduct ICOs not only to obtain investments but also to inform the market about important environmental problems and how to solve them.
Market Review
It is expected that during the forecast period 2019–2024. The activated carbon market will have an average annual growth rate of 6.31%. The main factors affecting the market under study are compliance with stringent environmental standards for water treatment in the United States and the increasing role of air pollution control. (especially mercury removal).
Narrower markets are expected to hinder the growth of the market under study due to increased costs for certain types of activated carbon and the threat of substitutes such as silica gel and super-sand.
The use of water treatment dominated the market in 2018 and is expected to grow over the forecast period due to the use of activated carbon for the treatment of urban wastewater and several industrial processes.
Growing demand from the food and beverage industry is likely to be an opportunity in the future.
The Asia-Pacific region dominated the market around the world with the largest consumption in countries such as China and Japan.

How to get Achievement
To apply for QCP token mining, click “Start Mining” and fill out a simple application form. The project must be connected with the blockchain. No need to do a token sale.
The project will be contacted to provide the necessary information and may be awarded the following icons:
Within the framework of the project, an analysis of the market and competition was carried out.
The project has a legal opinion and an audit report token.
The project has a video introduction for the team, as well as KYC with Crypto-Potential.
The project has a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be tested.
The project has at least 2 famous PR articles or 2,000 YouTube views.
Post Achievement
After receiving the achievement, the project can publish it and make it visible on its website. The purpose of this is to spread the idea of ​​more transparent crypto space and expand the capabilities of projects to achieve more.
Having achievements on the site, the project:
starts production with 100% potential for maximum cost reduction
Raises awareness and increases token sales
receives a free promotion on social networks
Start mining
After publication, the project receives the right to mine QCP tokens with a probability of 100% per week to ensure transparency.
If the project has badges, but they have not been published yet, it is 10% of the mining potential.
Below you can find a table of mining potential:
QCP type badge received weekly
@CVB Competition confirmed: 500.00
Compliant with @CPL: 1,000.00
@INF Influential project: 3,000.00
@ MVP MVP available: 5,000.00
@TVB team verified: 2,000.00
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