Wisdom lies bleeding in the street, trampled by the throngs of Death's blissful, unwitting accomplices.


I struggle to understand why the Trump Administration invested $18,000,000,000 in developing vaccines for just another flu-level illness easily remedied with the "cure" the alien DNA lady and her eye doctor friends were pushing, or whatever the remedy-"they"-don't-want-us-to-know-about is this month.

People who distrust Big Pharma and urge us to "follow the money" won't accept a free vaccine funded by their hero's administration but will pay for deworming meds that even the massive pharma company (Merck) making them urges against taking.

Some of us are so desperate not to be fooled that we'll readily believe any liar or con artist who offers a narrative contradicting the experts, which we somehow find comforting, and reinforces our suspicious, fearful worldview with tales of vast, evil conspiracies involving the "elite" (e.g., those dastardly pediatricians).

It's bad enough that these conspiracy-mongers can never produce any evidence--still waiting for someone to go on television and prove their head has become magnetic. But they can't even concoct a theory that's logically coherent.

Over 3.53 billion people worldwide have received a Covid vaccine, about 46% percent of all the humans on the planet. What's the magic number required to convince people this is safe, and the magic number of deaths (700,000 in the US alone) to convince them that Covid isn't? The irrationality of it all is baffling.

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