What has America become in the years that followed 9-11?


I was a missionary when the towers fell. In my state of religious zeal, I remember looking at that massive wall of smoke and being convinced that this event was apocalyptic and would usher in a new world.

As I look at the hundreds of thousands of civilians that have been killed due to our response, the civil freedoms we have gladly given up in order to “fight terrorism”, the thousands of American soldiers killed, and the trillions of dollars spent, I suppose I was right on some level. However, not in my wildest dreams did I think that this new world would be one of mass fear, panic, and hatred where America would become a shining example of how terrorism could succeed so decisively with its aims.

Our response has made us less free, our country less safe, and our economy less stable. I think that today is a very good opportunity to take a look in the mirror. We just might see that the thing looking back at us appears surprisingly like what we espouse to hate. If we are ever going to win the war on terror, we are going to have to start feeling a lot less comfortable with what we have become.

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