Trump at Walter Reed - Reality TV at it's finest!


In the flurry of news reports over the last few days, three little details are sticking with me. They're not important in themselves, but capture such a consistent theme. Sorry, I didn't save links for them as they seemed small at the time.

The first was a mention in the reporting on his transit to Walter Reed Hospital, that the trip had been delayed so the news would not go out until after the markets had closed. With his constant focus on what the market would think over the health of Americans, this was entirely consistent.


Second, was the release Saturday of photos of him apparently hard at work at Walter Reed. Trump, seated at a table wearing a white shirt, was signing his an apparently blank sheet of paper.

Third, another photo showed a different work session. Different background, different table, different props on the table, and wearing a blue blazer. The time stamp in the photo was just 10 minutes after the first one.

This is exactly the way you would expect a reality TV star to run the country.

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