Refuting the Great Barrington Declaration.


Probably the biggest refutation of the Great Barrington Declaration's underlying foundations is how hospital systems have still been burdened severely in several countries that have largely vaccinated their 65+/nursing home populations.

This was obvious to anyone following the data on this virus. Half of all coronavirus hospitalizations have been in those <65 in the US this pandemic. You can't simply protect the most vulnerable with this virus. Societal-wide mitigation is necessary to preserve hospital capacity and protect the most vulnerable from community transmission.

This issue is no better illustrated by Michigan right now. 72% of 65+ in Michigan have had at least one dose of the vaccine. 51% of 50-64 have at least one dose. A third of 30-50 year olds. And there is non-vaccine immunity from prior infection. Yet they have more hospitalizations today than even at their peak in the winter surge.

The Great Barrington Declaration rests on a crumbling foundation.

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