Philadelphia COVID policy a good model to follow.


In contrast to Ohio's do-nothing curfew, Philadelphia's move is about the right scope to get the curve heading back down significantly starting early December based on their 11/20 start date. I think this is a good model for most major cities.

Bans essentially all public indoor gatherings - restaurants, bars, events, etc. Churches may have very limited attendance (200 sq ft. per person), which seems like a reasonable baseline. High schools and colleges go virtual. People can still go out and about, but shouldn't host non-household members in their home.

Runs through Jan 1, which should be enough to bring them down a good ways (maybe half?) from the peak.

No lockdown, still free to travel, exercise, etc. Retail and business apparently still open under the same 200 sq foot guidelines. Outdoor events capped at 2000 total, 100 sq ft/person, masks required, and to support that, no drink or food service.

One interesting angle - outdoor service has a max table size of 4, and tables must be members of the same household.

More details here:

Now if we can just match this with unemployment support and financial assistance for the restricted businesses, we can eliminate most of the short-term financial damage. But it doesn't look like that's going to be happening any time soon.

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