New wave in Michigan raises concern the pandemic is far from over!


We aren't out of the woods yet in the US with the virus.

Michigan is having a new wave even despite decent vaccination coverage of its elderly as the UK variant is dominant there (likely 80+% of the coronavirus variants in the state now; the highest in the US). It is a good reminder of how much more infectious the B1.1.7 variant is (believed to be about ~66% more transmissible).

Test positivity in the state is up to 13%. Cases and hospitalizations are up as well. Deaths will likely follow as the new variant is believed to be ~50% deadlier than the original variant.

ICU capacity statewide is 77% vs the national average of 70%.

Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is at 92% ICU utilization.

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Township is at 88%.

Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit is at 89%.

University of Michigan Health System at Ann Arbor is at 85%.

33% of the state has at least one dose of the vaccine. 67% of 65+ have at least one dose. 40% of 50-64 years old have at least one dose. Hopefully vaccinations get this recent wave under control before it gets severe.

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