Methane deposits are releasing at an unprecedented rate - Time to go carbon negative?


It's WORSE than the Arctic scientists know. Aerial and Satellite scans have shown Methane bubbling up from the Continental Shelf as far South as the 40th Parallel since 2015, when the big sinkholes were publicized in Siberia. This was when I called the tipping point.

The most recent discovery was Methane bubbles at depth, some 3,000ft down. These are not reaching the surface presently because it is converted to CO2 by methanogenic aerobic bacteria; but when the Oxygen runs out under the hypoxic barrier layer it will burst out of the ocean all over the world.

Most of the excess anthropogenic heat and CO2 has been absorbed by the ocean. This, among other factors, has caused a 70% decline in global phytoplankton concentrations. This represents a 50% reduction in total photosynthesis, Oxygen production and CO2 remediation - and yet no climate models have incorporated this precipitous down trend.

We needed to stop burning five years ago and go Carbon negative. No cars, planes, trucks, ships, no coal, oil, Natural Gas.

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