Japan to reopen as tinfoil hat crowd make further outrageous claims.


Japan has reduced COVID cases by almost 90% in the last month. They're ending their restrictions now.

Their vax rate is only about 2 points higher than ours. Why the difference?

Why do Asian-Americans in LA have COVID rates dramatically lower than non-Asians? (The COVID rate in UN-vaxxed Asians is about the same as in vaxxed whites.)

Possibly different answers in Japan and LA. It would be interesting to see behavioral differences - bars/restaurants, masking, etc.

Of course, the tinfoil hat crowd will cite this as proof that the COVID weapon was designed to not affect Asian DNA....


Whatever we think should happen re: vaccine mandates for health care workers, they're nothing new and are here to stay.

Truman Med Center announced its COVID vaccine mandate in July when "nearly 60 medical organizations, including the American Medical Association, called on health care and long-term care employers to require their workers to get the COVID vaccine."

The number who "effectively resigned" from Truman rather than be vaccinated was 39, <1% of their workforce. St. Luke's, Univ of KS Health System followed with their own mandates.

If hospitals can't expect their own employees to embrace evidence-based medicine for their patients' protection and the good of the community they serve, we're in trouble. And I'm not sure why people who reject established scientific knowledge and trust strangers on YouTube over their own colleagues and the global medical community are working in hospitals to begin with.

But people who end up hospitalized tend to find their distrust of the medical community has suddenly faded. Funny how people who can't breathe know, deep down, where to find the experts who can save their life.

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