First and last good message from POTUS?


— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 13, 2021

My reaction to this is going to be both “typical of a Democrat” and also I hope somewhat balanced.

  1. This was the best speech trump has ever given.
    1.a. His handlers finally got him to listen to them.
  2. At 6pm, after the mob had erected the noose, invaded the capitol, forced the legislature into lockdown, and after Biden got on TV asking for a draw down, Trump tweeted that they are Great Patriots and he loves them. This is the most incriminating piece of Trumpism in the whole pile, and basically shows he is reading the teleprompter to save what he can of his skin.
  3. Where was this president during the last four years? It took him 3 years and 11 months to semi-sorta-kinda try to work with others?
  4. Thank you, Ivanka, for convincing him he needed to do this.
  5. We all look forward to your farewell address, like all of your Presidents Club predecessors.... but we aren’t holding our breath
  6. If he really wants to save any more skin he will do the following: a. Install Obama’s portrait. B. Write Biden a letter and leave it on the resolute desk. C. Attend Biden’s inauguration with a mask on.

How many of those do you all expect? This is BASIC presidential behavior we would see from the turdiest of the turdiest presidents. We won’t see any of it from him. Prove me wrong, Trump.

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