Comrade AOC works for glorious future of USSA.


To those that voted for Biden:

I've just been informed that AOC is creating a registry of Trump supporters so that they can be held responsible and re-educated.

The capitalists are on to us comrades! We can now throw off our disguises and complete the overthrow of the glorious United Soviet Socialist America! Down with capitalism! Long live the USSA! Effective immediately, possession of an American flag, a bible, or Trump paraphenilia will result in a mandatory ten years sentence at hard labor.

Congratulations Comrade Biden!

To those that voted for Trump:

Fear not: you have been assigned a gulag and comrades will come by shortly to transport you for re-education.

I've given up trying to talk sense into them, so the heck with it. If you can't beat'em, join'em!

*Jokes are like food in the Soviet Union: not everyone gets it.

Because truly good sarcasm is difficult to distinguish from the real thing, I want to make it clear that this post is in jest, and I'm not mocking Mr. Biden, I'm mocking those folks who think everyone to the left of Hitler is a communist.

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