Adapting and innovating post lockdown.


My personal opinion is that the lockdowns across the world have mostly served their purpose-to stave off the overload of their healthcare systems to a point where new cases can be handled sufficiently well. We've seen all the curves flatten and now the government mandated restrictions are facing a lot of push back from disgruntled citizens yearning for some semblance of freedom after months of being imprisoned at home.

That said, I do not think that coming out of lockdown means going back to normal. Quite the opposite. I think we should by now, all understand and recognise the severity and seriousness of the virus and continue to be responsible. This means, not acting hysterical, protecting the vulnerable, and wearing masks in public. Staying a safe distance is a given.

But one of the good things about opening up from the lockdown, is that in this new phase of living in a world without a vaccine where the virus can strike at a whim, the world must adapt and innovate to the new circumstances. One example of this is this restaurant which has constructed small green-houses to aid with social distancing, both protecting the diners from other diners, but also from the waiters/waitresses.

I think, if the lockdown was to immediately end, the majority of people have good virus protection practice instilled in them from these months of lockdowns. We would understand that wearing masks is protecting not only yourself, but also protecting potentially anyone you come in cotnact with. People understand the importance of sanitation, washing hands as often as possible. People understand self quarantine and staying at home if they fall ill.

Employers have also adapted. Many companies, not just Google and others at Silicon Valley have allowed and even encouraged their employees to work from home, atleast until the end of the year, or until a vaccine is developed.

Human beings are remarkably adaptable. And we will adapt to whatever difficulties we face now, and in the future. We do not need top down planning to adjust our behaviour. We can adjust our behaviour bottom up. Ending the lockdown is the only way that adjustments and innovation can thrive.

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