$1,000 Crypto Trip?

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So, let me start from here...
I'm not really interested in wasting my time into making cents from online rewarding sites, such as Faucets/PTC/Micro-Jobs.. etc
However, a few days ago I was deeply focused on a music project I been working on for a while, I thought I'd leave it for a bit & check out what's new on YouTube and while I was surfing the web, I got a notification from my email about a new Monero faucet website that just launched and seems like the owner of it is giving away 0.00001997 worth of Monero in the minimum hourly roll
(Plus %50 from your referral earnings)
I thought to myself, mhm... Interesting?
Yea I know it's not much (It's not even 1 cent lol) and I'm not even into Faucets but let me explain something... If you wanna make a profit from mining Monero, you'll get 0.00001997 Per 1M Hashes
By my calculations, you're gonna make 1 ~ 3 Monero in 1 year even if you're not using a low-end PC!
So I thought, okay this Faucet might be a little bit profitable if you have like 10 active referrals, I mean it's just a click of a button every 1 hour without wasting your time or heating your PC! On the same day of using it, I got 0.0001 so...
(Think of it as an investment as the crypto prices always going higher/lower... You never know!)
And I did calculate the "Referral Pyramid" earnings by using another IP Address to refer myself
(Just for testing though, I don't do these abusing sneaky stuff or whatever)
And actually I figured out if I had around 30 active referrals under me, I'd make a huge profit in no time without doing anything!

It begins here so bear with me even if it started to sound like nonsense
3 days later I was on a "Trip" (Somewhere in the middle of Africa)
I had my Laptop with me and I was still working on the same project, I got bored
I looked around, saw a bunch of kids staring at me, one of them waved at me so I waved back, he came to me & asked what I'm doing
I told him I'm working... Long story short, he obviously got confused about how possibly could I be working on a Computer? So, I explained everything and the boy got really excited about it, especially when I told him about the whole Monero & Crypto stuff!
The boy started hollering at his friends and then he kept telling them about it & explaining to them how much could we all earn from this Faucet by referring everyone! He actually started gathering everyone he knows and after a while, they did the same as he did!
I couldn't believe what I'm seeing, lots & lots of people in front of me & they all started pulling up their phones ready to work on this faucet!!
And every moment a new person shows up to work on it!!
I thought to myself: Woah! This kid is gonna make me rich!

With all these people referred under me (I wasn't even able to count!)
I fell asleep & the next morning I opened the site to see my balance... 20 worth of Monero! $1,000? Unbelievable!

Sadly, I woke up from this dream in my room, to see my actual balance which is still nothing
Ugghhh, I felt so angry & laughed at myself at the same time

Sorry if I bored you tho, wasn't my intention but I felt like writing this down cause honestly, this was one of the coolest dream trips I've ever had

How about making this dream come true? Here's my ref-link:


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