The Magicboard for writing

Magic Board Blackboard is a board toy consisting of 1 pen and 2 abacus. The size of the writing board is 27cm x 2cm x 2cm. The pen tip is made of magnets which is very easy to write on the toy board and if there is an error in writing, erasing it is easy, just simply slide it on the button below.


This toy board is perfect for children aged 3 years and over and is also very suitable for children who want to learn to write or doodle and this toy board can also learn to count.


the materials for making this toy board are relatively safe so you don't need to worry because they are SNI certified. So it is safe for children to be given the best toys for their little ones so they can avoid dependence on electronic gadgets and video games.


It is very suitable to be used as a gift / gift or a collection of children's toys at home. Contents in purchase: 1 Pcs Chalkboard 1 Pcs Pencil.

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