Opening New Toys for Baby Zac

Zac Lucas:

Purchased at the Gaisano (Bajada) Department Store:

This is a video of our 10 month old son opening toys we bought for him from Gaisano Bajada. The 1st toy is a press & play music and sound gadget and the second toy is a hammer, ball and drum toy.

Handy Buddies - Baby Bliss by Cool Kids

I searched online and I found a website that sells Baby Bliss by Cool Kids toys but I couldn't find the exact toy. If you purchase a similar toy from this website please leave us feedback in the comment section to let people know if the seller is legit or not:

Early Start Hammer Drum Ball Drop by HZY TOYS

I also searched for this toy and found one site from India, one site from the Middle East and one site from the Philippines. If you purchase from any of these stores please leave a comment to let us know if they are good sellers:

For Sale in the Philippines:

For Sale in the Middle East:

For Sale in India:

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