Crypto Academy Week 10 Homework Post For @pelon53 [Tokens- Part 1]

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Today I will try to work on the homework given by professor @pelon53 , which is about security tokens, utility tokens, and equity tokens.

Security Tokens


Security Tokens can be said to be a form of innovation from traditional investments. A security token is one of the tokens on the blockchain whose value is directly attached to an asset, and can be traded on the cryptocurrency market. One example of the pegged assets is stocks and gold. The security token was created to provide a change so that by using this token investors are more secure from several frauds in the blockchain system. So that with some of the advantages offered by security tokens it will attract investors. Investors are given direct voting rights to give opinions on matters of a company running the security token. In my opinion, this is one of the advantages so that investors not only monitor and control where the token is located but have direct voting rights.

Some of the Changes that The Security Token Offers

  1. Security tokens do not have direct intermediaries, usually in traditional transactions have intermediaries such as banks. So that it can save costs that are usually paid to intermediaries.
  2. Transactions are quite easy and efficient without any strict regulations. For example, usually if you want to transact to other countries, you have a complicated mechanism. By transacting with security tokens, investors and creators will find it easier to transact using the internet network.
  3. Investors are also more open from various countries so that it will be more profitable for the organizers.

Example of Security Tokens [Polymath (POLY)]


Polymath is one of the tokens created with the aim of making it easier for users to create and manage tokens on the blockchain network. Polymath, which is one of the security tokens, has made several innovations such as enhancing several features of the security token and improving its functionality.

The team of founders who developed polymath can be seen in the screenshot below.

Our Story _ Poly.png

Utility Tokens

Utility Token.jpg

Utility Token is a cryptocurrency token that facilitates and guarantees its users to transact on the blockchain network. The utility token is closely related to the initial coin offering (ICO) as it can help a company to raise project capital during an ICO. Utility tokens have a difference with security tokens in that users do not have direct voting rights, so it can be said that this is not a form of direct investment, because the purpose of this token is to facilitate access to a product being made. As for the shortage of utility tokens, there are many scams by launching fake ICOs to get profits from investors

Example of Utility Tokens [Brickblock (BBK)]


BrickBlock (BBK) is a token that is engaged in property investment. If we hear the word property, it is one of the most profitable investments in our daily lives, but a brickblock (BBK) is a token that is on the blockchain that is accessed online. If we combine the two, this is one asset that is very profitable as a place of investment. As for the advantages offered in investing in Brickblocks (BBK), which are easy access and safe and secure, so that it can increase investor confidence.

Brickblock (BBK) was founded in 2017. The team of founders who developed Brickblock can be seen in the screenshot below.


Equity Tokens


Equity tokens can be said to be tokens that allow direct ownership of company assets for the token owners. If the traditional system of ownership of an asset is marked by having a physical certificate, then in the equity token the ownership of an asset is marked as having a virtual certificate and will be recorded in the database immediately. One of the success of a company can be indicated by the large number of investors who have ownership of the token. So it can be said that this token is a stock for investors who invest digitally on the blockchain network

Example of Uquity Tokens [Maker (MKR)]


Maker is one part of stablecoins. Maker also has a special governance token called MKR. MKR token holders can control activity on the Maker platform. MKR is used to create stable DAI coins. Maker functions to minimize the change in the value of DAI against the value of the United States dollar. The DAI is a decentralized and stable currency which is pegged to the United States dollar. Because Maker is one of the stablecoins, this token was created to stabilize price fluctuations.

The team of founders who developed Maker can be seen in the screenshot below.

About the Maker .png

that's all my homework, hopefully it can be useful. Thanks.....


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Gracias por participar en Steemit Crypto Academy.
Buen trabajo, pero deberías anexar el test de Howey y algunos datos importantes de los ejemplos de tokens que abordaste.

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Security Token. 1.3 Suministrar datos importantes en los ejemplos.
Utility Token. 1.3 Suministrar datos importantes en los ejemplos.
Equity Token. 1.3 Suministrar datos importantes en los ejemplos.
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