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The Year Of The Trident - MC20 Marks A New Era For Maserati.

If you've read some of my past articles, you may know my affection for Italian cars. Sure, they may not have the best reputation for quality or reliability, and they may not be the most practical choice for your money.

However, all that goes along the romantic charm, and passionate soul that glows when you get behind the wheel. Their emotional persona, along with all those imperfections, make Italian cars very humane.

Credits to: CAR Magazine (Maserati MC20 Rendering)

They're not perfect, and I suppose that's why we bond with them so well. It's like going for a drive with your best mate, and you really have to learn to live with them, for better or worse. It's for that reason, that I was incredibly excited to hear that Maserati, a bastion for Italian automobiles, is in the process of a renaissance.

I tried to make this post as timely as possible, but it seemed like Steemit wasn’t in the best mood yesterday, so here it goes…

From Italy With Love.

A super sports car to reconnect us to our racing heritage.
Powering us towards the future.
Waiting for #MaseratiMC20.
May. Modena.#Maserati #MaseratiMMXX#MadeInModena

— Maserati (@Maserati_HQ) February 20, 2020

As promised just yesterday, Maserati has just announced their return to form, and revealed the name of their next supercar. A first since the MC12 back in 2004 - the new torchbearer will be called, the MC20.

The "MC" stands for "Maserati Corse ", or "Maserati Racing " in English, and the "20 " represents the year 2020. This is a tribute to the Tipo 26, the first race car to carry the Maserati name, which was built in 1926.

As an added bonus, the MC20 will also mark Maserati's return to racing (as in the name ), after a decade-long hiatus. It's predecessor, the aforementioned Ferrari Enzo-based MC12, had ended its fairly successful racing career between 2004 and 2010.

Credits to: Motor1 (Maserati MC12 - 2004)

Not long after Maserati's announcement yesterday, CAR Magazine managed to get an exclusive "scoop", and had quoted it to be called the "Supersportiva ". Personally, I prefer the name "MC20 ", but I'm intrigued to know which name you prefer - Supersportiva or MC20 ?

In any case, the MC20 was designed in the glass-clad, ultra futuristic Maserati Innovation Lab, where they put the MC20 through its paces on their virtual simulator. Once it's ready to go into production, it will be built at Maserati's historic Viale Ciro Menotti manufactory.

Credits to: Maserati (Maserati Innovation Lab)

As speculated, it might go on sale in late-2020, or early-2021, with a price tag of £200,000. While certainly expensive, I think it's relatively competitive, falling in line with other mid-engined rivals from Ferrari, and McLaren.

Speaking of, the MC20 will use a brand new, mid-mounted V6 engine, twin-turbocharged. While it's sad to see Maserati's old naturally-aspirated V8s going the way of the dodo, smaller and turbo'd engines are a necessity in this world of ever-stringent regulations.

Credits to: Instagram - avarvarii (Maserati MC20 Rendering)

But it's time that we let go of the past, and if there's one thing that Maserati can do very well, is make good-sounding cars, so we might not have to worry about muffled exhaust notes. Moreover, alongside the V6, Maserati will also plan on releasing hybridised, and electrified powertrains for the MC20 down the line.

This will be quite the bold plan. According to some rumours, the MC20's V6 engines may have come from Alfa Romeo, as Fiat-Chrysler had recently torpedoed the return of Alfa's sports cars, sporting the 8C and GTV nameplate.

Credits to: Instagram - avarvarii (Maserati MC20 Rendering)

Nevertheless, Maserati's engineers are planning to give it a distinct Trident feel, with a larger, much fruitier 3.6 litre displacement planned for the MC20, instead of the more universal 3.0 litre standard for V6s.

"Displacement costs only pennies, but pays back big bucks in power and torque… "

Maserati engineer, as interviewed by CAR Magazine.

As for the question of power, the MC20's V6 will pump out about, or at least 600 hp, which is a fairly healthy amount. However, the future hybrid, and electric powertrains could be utilised to give out 700 hp or more.

The V6 motor will be mated to an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission from Getrag, which also makes gearboxes for Ferrari, so it'll likely be quite eventful, and equally fast to shift. Unfortunately for those wanting, there is no manual option, which is unsurprising, given that Maserati hasn't offered a stick shift in 20 years.

Credits to: Instagram - avarvarii (Maserati MC20 Rendering)

This will send the power exclusively to the rear tyres with the V6 engine, while the hybrid and electric powertrains may utilise an all-wheel drive platform, with electric torque vectoring included.

All of this will sit on top of a carbon fibre tub, as with some McLarens, and is also used on the Alfa Romeo 4C - which may be the reason why Maserati chose to use a heavily modified 4C as its test mule.

However, unlike the tiny 4C, the MC20 will use a larger tub, one that is longer and wider, which will allow for more interior space. Additionally, the extra space could also be reserved for some mechanical componentry, such as a front and rear double-wishbone suspension.

Credits to: Instagram - avarvarii (Maserati MC20 Rendering)

What's Next?

As exciting as all of this sounds, unfortunately most of them are just speculations at this point. As I've imagined in my previous post, Maserati is only announcing the "name" of their next supercar, and bugger all else.

Their YouTube video showed the tagline "MAY2020", suggesting that any other juicy details that we crave will be released this coming May, where Maserati has scheduled a highly anticipated event.

There, they'll reveal their plans for the future alongside the MC20, and we may or may not be bequeathed with more Maserati car releases, such as a replacement for the GranTurismo.

In any case, I suppose we'll just have to wait until then to find out. Nevertheless, I'm ecstatic beyond belief, to hear that one of my favourite carmakers, one that has been struggling for space these past few years, is trying to get another go.

Maserati has rebranded itself, and has had more remakes than most other carmakers since their founding in 1914, and it looks like they might just get it right this time around. What about you, are you just as excited to see this new era for Maserati as I am?

Credits to: Maserati (Maserati Zeda)

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