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The Seeds Of Neptune - Tomorrow, Maserati Will Name Their Future.

Even as we are reeling from the sadness of Holden's demise, there is still some hope in the world that the cars which we know and love still have a strong, and fruitful future to look forward to.

While a part of the world has seen one less automotive brand, another part is showing the revival of an equally treasured marque - Maserati. They have announced on Twitter, that upon February the 20th, 2020 (20.02.2020 ), at 8.20PM CET (Central European Time ), they will reveal the name of their future "super sports car ".

Credits to: Maserati - Official YouTube Channel

Included in their Tweet, is a short video that gives off no information whatsoever. Yet, we now know that tomorrow (or today, wherever you are ), Maserati will show to the world "a name to mark the beginning of a new era "

Personally, I am ecstatic, given how much I adore the brand, as they work on a turnaround from troubled times. If you've read some of my past posts, then you may recall my affection for Italian automobiles.

A name to mark the beginning of a new era.
Tomorrow, 20.02.2020 at 8:20 PM CET, get ready to discover the name of the new #Maserati super sports car. #MaseratiMMXX#MadeinModena

— Maserati (@Maserati_HQ) February 19, 2020

While their announcement today may not have many details, it doesn't stop us from speculating. My patience is wavering under the overwhelming excitement that I feel in my veins.

Naming A New Era.

In Japan, the crowning of a new Emperor marks the naming of a new era, one which symbolises the principles, and future reign of the newly crowned Emperor. To me, this is equally as exciting.

However, I think it would be wise of me to curb of my enthusiasm somewhat, as tomorrow's announcement might not be much at all. For starters, Maserati Tweeted that they will reveal the "name", and not necessarily the car itself. I suspect Maserati will save up the juicy details for their launch event on this coming May.

Though I do have some speculations as to what it may be, given how difficult it can be to keep secrets nowadays…

Credits to: Maserati (Mid-Engined Test Mule)

Firstly, Maserati has not long ago shown off a test mule, one with a mid-engined layout (not seen on a road-going Maserati since the MC12 ), with some wild design traits. Its identity and purpose is otherwise unknown, and details remain tight lipped. According to some rumours at least, it might carry a new generation of a in-house V6 hybrid engine.

Given that Maserati uses the term "super sports car " in their Tweet, this mid-engined supercar-like test mule wouldn't be too far off from what could be shown. It would seem rather peculiar for Maserati to have built this uniquely designed car, just for testing use (although it does actually look like a modified Alfa Romeo 4C ).

Credits to: Maserati - YouTube (Electric Engine Sound. For more, you can read my previous post.)

Alternatively, this "new era" could be something more radical than hybridisation, as it may be Maserati's chance to show off their advances into electrified propulsion. Maserati has strongly committed to electrification in the near future, as they hope it would mark a turning point in the brand's history.

As that revelation has been scheduled to sometime in May, tomorrow's reveal of a name could be a small teaser, just to warm up our imagination for a couple of months.

Farewell To Troubled Times?

Credits to: GIPHY

Maserati is a brand borne out of motorsports, and that blood carries onto everything that it crafts today. Even the most basic models are sewn with that exotic, and intoxicating charisma that one may attribute from racing.

Yet, the past few decades have not been kind to the brand, although its recent revival has seen some uplifting hopes for diehard fans. Maserati's sales have always lagged behind their counterparts, relegating their precious automotive gems to become the poster child for dealership discounts and airport leases.

Credits to: 250F, 3500 GT, Bora, GranTurismo MC (

While their exoticism have always captured people's hearts, they could hardly ever capture their minds, as would-be customers prefer something more Germanic, or Japanese - a decision based on rationale.

It seems that the kind of things that consumers look for today always appears outdated in Maseratis. Whether it's the infotainment system, high-end safety tech, comfort features, or build quality - Maserati seemingly appears to fall behind their competitors.

Credits to: Netcarshow (Maserati Alfieri Concept - 2014)

However, in today's world of rapidly changing trends, Maserati's nimbleness has allowed it to take bolder manoeuvres, and while their competitors are struggling to keep their battleships righted, Maserati's plucky destroyer keeps sailing by.

Now, Maserati could be on the verge of a revolution, to completely re-brand themselves from top to bottom - a complete spring cleaning.

Final Words.

Credits to: Netcarshow (Maserati MC12 - 2004)

It remains to be seen, whether Maserati could capture the same technological progress that's been made by their wealthier rivals, in areas of autonomous driving, or on-board entertainment. This kind of hype for the bleeding edge has had the public excited, but for the discerning car enthusiast, we don't need any of that.

We just want to enjoy the drive, but with modern touches. In this rapidly autonomous world where cars drive themselves, Maserati could be the saviour that we need, for our enjoyment's sake.

A new form of propulsion, whether it’s a form of hybrid, or fully electric - these are all exciting news to come from Maserati. This is especially since we've said our goodbyes to their sweet, Ferrari-derived, 4.7L V8 last year, when Maserati announced the last of the GranTurismo.

Credits to: hartvoorautosNL (Maserati 4.7L Sound - Headphones Recommended! )

It'll be interesting to see what they'll announce then, and I'll keep my eyes pried on social media and online publications in the meantime. You'll have my updates soon.

Feel free to share this post to your fellow car enthusiast, especially if they like their cars the same way I like my coffee - Italian.

Credits to: GIPHY

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