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I Just Set Up A Twitter Account For The First Time.

Today, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, by pure coincidence or not, a new phase begins in my life. Despite having been on this Earth for 22 years, during which the entirety of that period has seen the world erupt into a technological fervour, I haven't actually been on social media that much.

This is something that obviously many people are into, as it gives us the chance the stay connected all the time, anywhere in the world, and to a variety of different peoples. I don't know why I haven't leapt onto social media as such.

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Now, I'm a techie, and while I sometimes question certain developments which may dictate our future, it's something that I can embrace given time. So, I certainly don't want to come off as a "luddite ".

Maybe it's the thinking of "social media is toxic ", "social media is useless ", or something along those lines which I've heard about before. It's flawed, but everything in life is.

I stay connected all the time, and I communicate with my mates through messaging apps and services. As a result of how fast we chat, how much we share, and the fact that I always keep tabs on the news, maybe I never saw the need for moving into social media as such.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that I haven't been active on social media before. I had a Myspace account back when I was little, at a time when AOL was a viable option for instant communication. It was a rather nifty site back then, as little as I remembered it, and at this point, my account surely had gone into oblivion.

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I then had a Facebook account, which I still have now, for reasons of keeping up with my old school mates (Sorry, no links, but I'll give one upvote to whoever finds it ). That account was opened a long time ago, back when I was definitely of legal age... not really ;-).

Back in primary school, we'd use our legitimately registered Facebook accounts to chat and post after school, and often playing those Zynga games on Facebook. My favourite back in the day, was Empires and Allies, which I spent much time on. Ah, the good old days.

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Since then, social media's practical use wore off, in my use case anyways, and I had logged off almost entirely. My friends were still active on Facebook, and occasionally we chatted on Messenger, but I never made a post for years.

However now, I have moved forward and embraced the changing world, and changing trends by setting up a Twitter account.

One might ask, why did you choose Twitter, and not Facebook. Simply, because I felt that Twitter has better engagement and content. The people and causes that I aspire to, are more often found active on Twitter, and not Facebook.

Thus, I found it better to go Tweet instead. In fact, I felt that it may actually be better for my career as a freelancer - writing here, and blogging there. Finding and meeting new people, with new experiences, the same way that I'm doing here, with you.

So, here ends this short log, just a minor update into my life. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, or alternatively if you're more into a more professional atmosphere, then my LinkedIn account is active as well.

Between these two sites, along with my blogs here on Steem and Publish0x, you may get a glimpse into the inner workings of Zack Norman's mind. If you have any power tips on how to best use Twitter, then I'd be humbly grateful if you would share your secrets.

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Thanks for reading! If you're keen on indulging more in the world of finance, tech, and cars - follow along @zacknorman97 for more, coming soon :-)

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