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Criscapitals is a scam - Don't invest! (Chat with a Scammer! - Part 3)

Way back in Part 1, I discussed my experiences in chatting with a scammer on Telegram, named Paul. Then, in Part 2, I made an analysis on one of those investments that was pitched to me.

That company was called Cryptogaint Ltd.; which I concluded that it was a scam, and you shouldn't invest your hard-earned money unless you're prepared to lose it.

Today, I'd like to take a look at another one of Paul's "investments". This company is called Criscapitals (Not to be confused with ChrysCapital ) - "Earn from the world choicest digital currency earning platform" (Author's note: I didn't know "choicest" was a word until now). Once again, similar to Paul's previous explanations (if you've read Part 1 and 2), then you may recall his explanations to be ambiguous.

Analysis of Criscapitals.

A snippet of my conversation with Paul

Even at first glance, Criscapitals' website appears to be very sketchy. This is a stark contrast to Cryptogaint. Where Cryptogaint's site was slick and professional, Criscapitals chose a more vibrant theme; employing colourful animations and bold colours to really catch the eye.

Just like Cryptogaint, Criscapitals shows off their various investment plans right up, front and centre in the main page.


RED FLAG: While Criscapitals' investment returns are lower than offered by Cryptogaint, they are still absurdly high for any legitimate investment. Unless they're striking their investments lucky every single day, these returns smell of Ponzi to me.

Next, also up front and centre in the main page is the company's incorporation/registration details. This is a bit odd; since why would a company be so concerned about their legitimacy, that they've decided to post their incorporation details on the main landing site?


You can see how some of the font on Criscapitals' certificate seems off (left), when compared to a legitimate certificate (right)

RED FLAG: Upon first inspection, their certificate of incorporation is fake. Upon double-checking with a legitimate company on the Companies House registrar, they have no results for Criscapitals. When using the provided company registration number, the registrar referenced me to a now defunct company.


Registration 9721742 belongs to a now dissolved company.


Just like Cryptogaint, Criscapitals' features aren't really features, more like necessities

Their site also has a live chat feature (on the bottom left - though it may require a quick refresh to pop up ). Using a service, it requires a username and email to interact. This is peculiar since other platforms that I've used don't require it. Though even when you have given up your private details, the live chat doesn't actually work.


On the main page as well, there are 2 addresses provided. There is a "sectional address " in New York, and their "contact " address is in El Paso. This is despite the company itself being "registered" in the UK.

Now going to the "FAQ" section of their website, it shows a rather bleak and non-informative segment. But there is one "question" that I found intriguing.


RED FLAG: "There are no risks in any investment programs " is absolute bullshit. Every investment has risks; whether they are low, medium, or high. Platforms that claim to provide no risks to the investor is most probably operating fraudulently.

Next up, we head to the "Terms and Conditions" section of the page. Now here's where it gets interesting. To recap, Criscapital has thus far claimed itself to be an "investment" company/platform (though those claims remain debatable ), with guaranteed returns for investors.

However, going through the T&C page reveals otherwise, and this is clear even on the first sentence:


Now, Criscapitals claims to offer binary options trading - but "…do not provide consumers any actual options contracts, negotiable derivatives, or financial instruments of any nature ". Also, they claim to offer "tournaments " and "games of skill ", and aims to provide "e-gaming " products. This then alludes to them being a gambling/betting company.


This is contrarian to the language that they've used elsewhere on their website, which made it clear before that were an investment company. Even their "FAQ" page states that they have an "expert trading team ".

Criscapitals also claims to hold a Gambling Supervision Commission license, from the Isle of Man GSC. However, upon checking the GSC's official site for license holders, it seems that Criscapitals is absent.

At this point, I've found enough red flags to not bother reading the rest of the lengthy T&C. There are 2 more sections of their website that I would like to go through.

First, is the "Our Team" page. I was curious to find out more about the folks behind Criscapitals. Its worth noting that on this page, as with the rest of the website barring the T&C page; Criscapitals states that they're an investment company, with no mentions of gambling/betting or e-gaming services.


RED FLAG: I wasn't able to find any information on the people running Criscapitals, even on Google search and LinkedIn. This shows a lack of accountability, and the people responsible for Criscapitals is trying to keep an arms length away.

Next, we also have a "Why we are different" page. Here again, Criscapitals seem to present themselves as an investment company, even claiming to provide real-time financial data. Thus, no mentions of gambling/betting, or e-gaming services.


Is Criscapitals a scam?

The answer would be a resounding YES!

The red flags found here are more jarring than the ones that I uncovered from digging up Cryptogaint. Criscapitals is not only misleading in their presentation (are they an investment, or gambling platform? ") , but they have also made fraudulent claims.

They blatantly faked their incorporation certificate; which would probably mean that Criscapitals is likely operating as an unlicensed/unregistered company. Thus, you have absolutely no chance to get back at them, in the event they run away with your money, or go bust.

So, do not invest any money into Criscapitals, unless you're willing to see your money burn.

Thanks for reading :) Share with me a comment on your experience with scams, if you've had encountered any. Also, be sure to follow along @zacknorman97 for more, coming soon

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